Employee Care

Aztech aims to recruit, develop and motivate employees to drive growth for the Group. In line with our mission to empower employees with resources, skills and knowledge, the Group continuously looks to develop the potential of our staff through nurturing and upgrading their skills.

To appreciate staff for their hard work, we organise Annual Dinner as well as give out Long Service Awards for staff who have served the company for at least 5 years. In 2014, we introduced a new incentive programme where Aztech Vouchers were given out to staff to promote Aztech Group’s products to their family and friends.

Recruitment drive at tertiary instiutions

Talent Recruitment and Retention

Aztech participates in various recruitment activities to attract talents, including online job posting, staff referral scheme and career fairs.

To retain talented individuals, we advocate internal promotions to staff who have good potential and have made outstanding contributions to the company. Periodically, we review our staff’s career development as well as our welfare and benefits scheme to provide a caring work environment.

Performance Appreciation

Our remuneration framework aims to drive motivation and productivity of our employees. The incentive component of this framework recognises the individual’s achievements through performance-based bonuses. As an added incentive, the Group has introduced Employee Recognition Programme to recognise excellent performing staff. Winners will be entitled to an incentive trip to China and Hong Kong.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

As part of its Workplace Health Programme, Aztech encourages staff to participate in sports activities in Singapore and overseas offices such as the Green Corridor Run and Yellow Ribbon Run. The company sponsored the registration fees for more than 50 employees who participated in the runs.

Electronic Communication Platforms

Access to the Intranet portal is given to all employees and provides them with information such as company policies and shared documents. Company news and happenings are communicated via internal newsletter (Aztech Times) and email blasts. Employees are also encouraged to “like” the Facebook pages of our business units to receive product updates and sales promotions.

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