Aztech BuildingEstablished in 1986, Aztech was a leading manufacturer and supplier of multimedia solutions for desktop PCs, with a strong global foothold in sound card and CD-ROM drive products. In the 1990s, Aztech advanced to the broadband and home networking arena, building on its core competencies in the design and manufacture of modems. By 1997, the company was ranked third largest modem supplier by Dataquest.

Today, Aztech is a dynamic international group with key activities in Electronics Design & Manufacturing, LED Lighting, Material Supply & Marine, as well as F&B Retail & Supplies. The Group is headquartered in Singapore with support offices in Hong Kong, Philippines and China, as well as a vertically integrated manufacturing plant in China.

For the Electronics segment, Aztech continues to push the boundaries of the development of innovative and stylish products through services of ODM/OEM, Retail Distribution and Contract Manufacturing. Our 4 R&D centres in Singapore, Hong Kong and China have more than 20 years of experience and design capabilities specialising in the PC and telecommunications industry. We have successfully designed a solid line-up of ODM products in ADSL, home networking and wireless arenas. The company's ODM clientele has, over the years, drawn on Aztech's superb R&D facilities and engineering expertise to launch revolutionary products and services.

Aztech offers complete electronics manufacturing services including design, materials management, logistics services and customer programme management. We provide customers with seamless, value-added service at every stage from product transfer, component procurement, PCB assembly, mechanical assembly, testing to shipping of final products.

In addition to ODM/OEM and Contract Manufacturing, the Group also distributes products under its own Aztech brand for Networking products and Aztech HOME consumer electronics products.

The Group is also involved in the design and manufacture of high quality, energy-saving LED lighting products with AZ e-lite With the tagline "Light Up with LED!, AZ e-lite has rolled out a range of LED lighting products and clinched several contracts to provide LED lighting at commercial buildings, public facilities, schools and condominiums in Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries.

In the area of materials supply, the Group has set up Az United to procure and supply materials for the building construction industry and infrastructure projects. Az Marine was set up as the marine logistics arm for Az United in the supply of construction materials. In August 2014, Az Marine acquired a shipyard, AZ Marine Offshore Services, which occupies a site area of 251,500 square feet and water frontage of 2,475 feet long. With this large waterfront yard facilities, Az Marine will be able to strengthen its vessel repair and maintenance works capability, allowing it to further develop its marine logistics business and expand into third-party repair, refurbishment and retrofitting works of vessels.

Shiro Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aztech Group focusing on the food business. Shiro targets the retail and food services industry in Singapore and overseas with the mission of supplying restaurant grade quality food under the brand name of Jade . Shiro's range of food products includes canned abalone and shell seafood, de-shelled lobster, meat, frozen food, finger food and wine. In November 2014, the Group acquired Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint business and the outlet at 125 Upper Paya Lebar Road. With this acquisition, the Group is no longer just a trading arm but owns a recognisable brand that will propel it for further growth and opportunity in the retail and food services space.

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